Our favorite neighborhood in Bangkok

One of our favorite neighborhoods in Bangkok to stroll around in is lower-mid Sukhumvit. We're talking about from Asoke to Phromphong... so starting around Sukhumvit 23 to Sukhumvit 39.

Just to put it out there first... we love going to cafes. It's our way of relaxing and having a "day off". We love trying new coffee places and just taking in the atmosphere and people-watch. It's one way we like to indulge ourselves. So, on a good weather day (which is pretty much only the "cooler" months in Bangkok -- from December til January), we like to just wander around these streets, going to our favorite coffee places and just sit around for hours before moving onto the next coffee place.

The area I'm talking about is loaded with restaurants, from all types of cuisines you can think of. There are plenty of bakeries, coffee shops, and tea shops. And if you are looking for savory foods, there is an abundant, never-ending choice of Japanese food, Korean food, Indian food, Italian, Lebanese, and so on and so on. When we moved to this zone, people kept telling us: "You'll never be hungry there." This area is perfect for us that love cafe-hopping and trying out new restaurants.

Though there are plenty of choices, we'll recommend you here 3 of our favorites in this zone.

The first is Holey Artisan Bakery. It's a short walk into Soi Sukhumvit 31, near the intersection with Never Say Cutz. We love doing bread runs there on a lazy morning. The atmosphere makes you feel almost as if you're not in Bangkok, but in Melbourne or Amsterdam. The smell there is always alluring due to the vast selection of baked goods and coffee.

We especially love their zesty Lemon Slice, their truly decadent Cheesecake, and their Raspberry Ripple. If you want something savory, we recommend their quiches. And of course, we recommend picking up a baguette or bread to take home. I passionately love their bread for breakfast at home.

Another place we like is Dim Dim, which is just a short walk from Holey. It's actually a bar, but for the past few months (and I'm not sure until when), A Stimulant by Sarnies coffee is doing a pop-up there during the day. It's a small little space, enough for just maybe 4-5 people. There is a counter outside but if it's not a good weather day, it's not the most ideal place to chill. Anyway, the coffee there is... simply amazing. Usually I only order a hot latte or mocha when I go to any coffee shops -- but the kind barista there recommended us the Orange Mocha (okay, I don't remember the exact name but it was something like that) so I went out of my regular and gave it a try. It was delicious! It pretty much tastes like eating those chocolate-covered dried oranges, but in liquid form. I was very impressed.

We enjoyed sitting at the counter (inside), talking to the barista and observing the Chinese-themed decor of the space.

The last place I'll recommend is the Invisible Coffee Room down Soi Sukhumvit 16. It's actually on the other side of the the main Sukhumvit road, down a small street with a bunch of taxi-motorbikes. The Invisible Coffee Room is a small white space with a few tables. The atmosphere reminds me of a coffee shop in Daikanyama or Aoyama in Tokyo.

To be honest, it may not be the most comfortable place to sit for a long time (unless you snag a proper table) but the coffee there is great and so are the desserts. We had a Lemon Slice and a matcha cake. The all-white walls also make it a good photo op.

Like I said, this area is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Bangkok. Though the general thought of "Asoke" is usually linked to hecticness, traffic, and "the worst intersection in the universe", it actually has a lot of gems and cool places. You'll discover them when you're not in a rush and just spend time strolling around.

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