The Wilde Tote has a versatile unisex design, made with durable canvas and Japanese vegetable-tanned leather. The Wilde has expandable corners and inside compartments which allows for more space and functionality throughout your day, complemented with adjustable shoulder-straps for added ease and comfort.


The Wilde - Mocha Brown’s classic appeal makes it a staple piece for getaways and everyday living.


Size information:
Measures: : Length 40cm x Width 15cm x Height 32cm


Name engraving:

If you would like your Wilde Tote personalized, please select 'Name Engraving' under the Engraving option and fill in your choice of engraving under 'What would you like engraved?'. Please note that there will be an additional 200 baht charge.

The Wilde - Mocha Brown

Name graving
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