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The Steinbeck Collection

The Steinbeck tote bag is made of durable and quality material, with a timeless and minimal unisex design. It is equipped with adjustable straps and compartments to be highly functional, allowing you to carry all your daily essentials with convenience and comfort.

The Wilde Collection

The Wilde Tote has a versatile unisex design, made with
durable canvas and Japanese vegetable-tanned leather.
The Wilde has extendable corners and inside compartments which allows for more space and functionality throughout
your day, complemented with adjustable shoulder-straps
for added ease and comfort.

The Neruda Collection

Your everyday full canvas tote... but with so much more functionality. The Neruda Tote is handmade with high-quality bleached canvas for more durability. What makes it unique is the inside compartments, a secret pocket with a zip, and
a large zip running at the opening, allowing you more convenience and security. The clean and cool look makes
it easy to match with your outfit on a casual day out,
to work or to a cafe.