NIN Lifestyle Logo. The Lifestyle Brand.

NIN Lifestyle was founded in Bangkok in 2017. With a taste for a timeless and minimal style and for the pursuit of elegant simplicity, we create “Tastefully Casual, Always Practical” urban lifestyle products.


Minimalism - We believe in the elegance in "simplicity". We believe the timeless and clean look complements every style.

Travel - To travel is our greatest passion. We get inspired from different cultures we get to experience. We especially love the vibes in Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Melbourne.

Work/Play - Living in such a metropolitan city, we believe everything that complements our lifestyle must be practical and functional—always ready to go, whether from the office or from the newest cafe in town.

Literature - Always at least one book in hand—we love reading and we are inspired by the different worlds and cultures literature takes us to.

NIN Lifestyle - The Steinbeck Collection
NIN Lifestyle. The Lifestyle Brand.

To add a timeless and classic look to your lifestyle, we believe in providing products made from high-quality and durable materials.


We craft our products with a minimal-inspired, unisex, and practical design. We aim for functional designs that are simple, yet add a touch of elegance to your life, everyday. ​

NIN Lifestyle. The Lifestyle Brand.